Big Top Gets Chop

February 24, 2010 by  
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To the rubbish sit-com graveyard we bid you farewell Big Flop! Sorry, Top.

Probably the only time it has raised a smile, we bring you the news that Amanda Holden’s circus-based ‘sit-com’ has been axed by the BBC.

The 39 year old, best known for judging on Britain’s Got Talent, had hoped the series would be a long-running one.

In the build-up to the first show Jay Hunt, who commissioned the series for the Beeb, called it: “a heart-warming family comedy with real potential to capture the imagination of the BBC One audience.?

It didn’t take long for people to doubt its potential. About two minutes into the first show. Before long viewing figures had dipped to below three million.

Amanda said in an interview to promote the series: “It seems such an obvious idea to set a comedy in a circus – it’s amazing that it’s never been done before.?

Not really. Even kids don’t find clowns funny, a lot of people find them scary. What is obvious though is that Big Top has made sure no-one’s going to set a comedy in a circus ever again.

She went on: “Most sitcoms are set in someone’s lounge and revolve around the washing machine and 2.4 children. But this gives you something very different. Big Top provides colour, escapism, eccentricity and clowns. What more could you want??

Um, some jokes? Some humour? Some comedy to the situation? You know, like a sit-com.

Amanda’s Fantasy Lives series on ITV mustered only 2.1 million viewers meaning it could also face the chop – so we might never see Amanda on our screens again. Now that is funny.