Seven Days In Traffic Review: Here In My Car

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SEVEN DAYS IN TRAFFIC: Tuesday 23rd February ITV1, 9pm ALERT ME

Do you ever peer into other people’s cars when you’re in a traffic jam? If so, this show is for you.

Filmed over seven days, we get a look at a few of the hundred thousand or so journeys that happen in London every day: ambulances, prisoner transports, trainee bus drivers, school runs, the paparazzi and, um, a stripper.

From the mundane to the life-saving, this programme gives us the chance to have a good old nose around inside the cars of your average motorists and the trips they make on the congested roads of London.

At first we get to have a peak at people’s road rage (I used to think it was funny but to see it up close was less amusing). Watching people get worked up over the tiniest thing paints a really ugly picture of British drivers and it might be a wake up call to some of us.

Something else that was interesting to see were all the totally unnecessary journeys we make. Seven Days In Traffic makes it painfully clear that some of us are in our cars when we could be on the bus or tube and we’re getting in the way of people who need to be driving. Taking a ride inside an ambulance showed how the smallest issue with the car in front can cause hold ups and possibly mean the difference between life and death.

The show also described how most London drivers fall victim to Traffic Stress Syndrome. One who suffers from this is estate agent Michael who got so stressed out he had a panic attack just from driving – rush hour on the tube doesn’t look so bad now, does it?

I liked the show from a voyeuristic perspective but if it was slimmed down to fewer people this could easily be a weekly show for the masses. We saw both light and dark aspects to the participant’s stories, particularly the emotional journey of one family dealing with a child that was getting a kidney donation from his grandmother. The show followed up what happened to the family which reminded me a little bit of Airport, the show that followed airport staff at Heathrow.

An interesting watch but could do with another installment if not more. It’ll probably go down a treat since we’re all nosey so-and-sos aren’t we.