Frank Skinner Given New BBC2 Show

February 23, 2010 by  
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Comedian Frank Skinner has been confirmed as the host of a new BBC entertainment show.

It is the first time the one-time Fantasy Football presenter has been given a permenant job by the Beeb since The Frank Skinner Show‘s acrimonious departure to ITV in 2000.

His new show, Frank Skinner’s Opinionated will centre around he and two other guest celebrities who will travel the nation talking to studio audiences of ordinary British citizens. Just think of a less-demanding Question Time and you will be on the right track.

“It’s me, two guest comedians and, most importantly, the citizens of Great Britain sharing our opinions on stuff in the news. On a good week, I will probably crowd-surf,” Skinner told The Guardian.

However we can report that the programme will be made by Avalon (the same studio who produce Harry Hill’s TV Burp) so we are holding out hopes for some good television…