Brand New Doctor Who Trailer

February 22, 2010 by  
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We may still be mourning the loss of our dearly beloved David Tennant as the Doctor, but we must try to move on.

We might have an easier time of it had they not cast a 12 year old to replace him.

We know that some fans are totally fine with Matt Smith being so young and they want to wait and see what he’ll be like. That’s fair enough but check out the latest trailer for season 5 and let us know what you think.

ron ellis says:

i didnt like david teninch when he first started the show is the star and matt smith will be too or i’m not a dalek

Breandan Frederick says:

OMG, it’s a young prince Charles as the Doctor! His voice alone(way too posh) is enough to make me laugh no matter how scary a scene gets. I’ll watch, but, I’m more unsure than ever.

debra marshall says:

Well sadly, it certainly doesn’t look promising.

P4TZ says:

New lad Matt Smith may be good however too young and a bit wierd looking – should have been David Morrissey. Thanks to Chris Eccleston then David Tennant the audience base is not just kids – it may end up that way. Hope not!

Jamie L says:

“We might have an easier time of it had they not cast a 12 year old to replace him.”

What a completely idiotic and superficial comment, Matt Smith is 28, hardly a 12 year old, which is only a year younger than Peter Davison (who to me, is who this new doctor is reminiscent of) when he first took the role of the Doctor and a whole lot of years younger than David Tennant when he did so as well. HIS appearance was rather young compared to previous Doctors, where’s your scorn about his youthfulness for DT?

Matt Smith seems to have a balance of fresh faced-ness and maturity, just like PD did and i’m looking forward to seeing him and the new series.