17 Million Tune In To Watch EastEnders Live Episode

February 22, 2010 by  
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Almost 17 million people tuned in to watch Eastenders on Friday to find out who killed Archie.

In case you haven’t seen it – look away Stacey. Oops, I mean now.

It was of course Stacey Branning, played by a flu-ridden Lacey Tuner, who revealed herself as the Queen Vic bust basher moments before credits rolled in the live episode.

She told her father-in-law and former lover Max Branning: “It was me. I did it, I killed Archie.? And just to make sure, once again: “It was me.? It was all kicking off in Albert Square with everyone acting even more suspiciously than usual.

Bradley was killed after a rooftop chase, Ronnie revealed Archie had raped her as well as Stacey and Ian dug up a time-capsule containing a video of old Eastenders episodes.

And Max trying shoving two fingers down his throat will go down in Walford history.

There were a few fluffed lines, microphone muffles and camera wobbles but all went fairly smoothly in the live performance (unlike these cock-ups).

The show featured 51 members of the cast who had been rehearsing for three days.

There were 36 camera operators, rather than the usual four, capturing more than 400 shots.