EastEnders Greatest Cliffhangers: “You Ain’t My Muvva!”

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EastEnders – The Greatest Cliffhangers: Satruday 20th February, BBC 3, 10.20pm ALERT ME

Fans of the BBC soap will undoubtedly have their knickers in a twist over this weekend’s live episode of EastEnders, and by Saturday you will be either satisfied, amazed or thoroughly annoyed by the identity of Archie Mitchell’s assassin (our money’s on Tracey).

But the EastEnders weekend continues apace tonight with this special retrospective taking a look back at the best cliffhangers in the shows glorious 25 year history and seeing which character has had the most ‘doof doof’ moments.

Now to those not in the know, a doof doof is the final moment of an episode just after something has been revealed or something super dramatic has happened. In the event that the episode ends on a happy note (you can imagine how many times that has happened) then music will play over the end and these are called Julia’s themes.

Affairs, murders, greed, mental illness… you name it, someone living in Walford has suffered it, and highlights of the last 25 years are showcased here. In short, there aren’t many Julia’s themes being used in this look back at the soap’s finest storylines.

This show is basically just a time filler but it’s a good one. It was fun to look back at old episodes and characters that are gone and sometimes forgotten and the edit brings out the comical side of life in The Square brilliantly. Kat and Alfie, Arthur and Pauline, Kathy Beale, Sharon Watts, Den and Angie all had some great moments and it was good to catch up on old plotlines. Incidentally, Kat and Alfie are returning to the Square this year.

Though this climactic programme charts only the top 20 characters, it’s still a good hour of pure EastEnders with cast and crew chatting about what they love about particular characters from past and present.

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