The Bubble: Pop The Question

February 19, 2010 by  
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THE BUBBLE: Friday 19th February, BBC2, 10pm ALERT ME

What’s this? A current affairs comedy panel show? Hmmm, we think we’ve heard this one before…

But stay with us for a second because The Bubble seems to be an odd hybrid of a programme constructed in the spirit of Have I Got News For You with slices of Would I Lie To You and Big Brother thrown in for good measure.

Well we suppose that’s what happens when you sacrifice your whole creative department to subsidise Jonathan Ross’ bonus.

Anyway, in this new series three celebrity contestants will be locked away in a “media-free zone” without access to phones, television and the internet. After four days they will emerge to take their places in a television studio, whereupon the shark-eyed but wonderfully intellectual David Mitchell will question them on the week’s news.

But not just any news you see. The Bubble aims to dig out bizarre happenings and magazine stories so improbable they sound made up, and put them alongside fake items. We don’t envy this week’s inaugural contestants Frank Skinner, Reginald D Hunter and Victoria Coren.

Sounds like one of those annoying games you play every Christmas doesn’t it? Apparently the concept has been a big success overseas, but then so is the Eurovision song contest…