Eastenders: Killer Reaction Caught On Camera

February 19, 2010 by  
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In seemingly the longest lead-up in TV history, BBC Three’s EastEnders Live: The Aftermath reaction show is to capture the moment that the soap’s boss informs Archie Mitchell’s killer of their sin.

Since Walford’s menacing Mitchell, played by Larry Lamb, was clobbered to death on Christmas Day with The Queen Vic bust, the identity of his killer has remained a closely-guarded secret. With only hours to go until the live installment is screened, only seven people know the murderer’s identity.

However, at 7.30pm this evening – 30 minutes before EastEnders goes live to the nation for the very first time – leading producer Diederick Santer will take the actor who plays Archie’s killer to one side and inform them of their actions.

The killer’s reaction footage as well as a selection of behind-the-scenes material will be played out on BBC Three spin off show EastEnders Live: The Aftermath, 8:30pm on BBC.

Only in fiction can you inform someone they performed a murder they weren’t aware of. Probably a good thing.