David Cameron Reaches Out For Votes In GMTV Slot

February 19, 2010 by  
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David Cameron used a slot on GMTV yesterday morning to talk about the over-sexualisation of children in modern society. He then called for more female MPs on Woman’s Hour before stopping in at Shortlist Magazine to speak of his love for Guinness.

Analysts were shocked by the announcements, as up until this point the leader of the Tories seems to have had no discernible policies whatsoever. However it now seems he is attempting to be everything to everyone. Literally.

These media appearances come in the wake of Gordon Brown’s slot on Piers Morgan’s show last Sunday and the leader of the oppostion took a swipe at the PM by revealing that he turned down an invitation to go on the programme because he would “rather try and do something a bit more substantial than that”.

Cameron also revealed that he thought Lily Allen’s music was “slightly unsuitable” for his daughter Nancy, who is six. He said Nancy had broken his iPod after they “tussled” over what to listen to in the car.

“I got one of those connections for the car and my daughter is obsessed by Lily Allen, who I think is slightly unsuitable, so a bit of a fight takes place: ‘I want to listen to Lily Allen,’ ‘No, it’s The Jungle Book etc etc … ‘ And in the tussle it broke.”

In his GMTV interview, he also highlighted his plans to protect children from being subjected to “unnecessary and inappropriate commercialisation and sexualisation too young”.

“You can’t cut children off from the commercial world – of course you can’t – but we should be able to help parents more in terms of trying to make sure that our children get a childhood and that they are not subject to unnecessary and inappropriate commercialisation and sexualisation too young. This is what this should be about.”

He later went on to say that personally he was a “big fan” of Lily Allen. Confusing…