Subo Collapses At Heathrow

February 18, 2010 by  
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Proving it’s never plane sailing for the ‘Hairy Angel’, Susan Boyle collapsed at Heathrow Airport while waiting for a flight to France earlier this week.

The Britain’s Got Talent star fainted in the British Airways Club Lounge after becoming overheated, her representatives have confirmed.

It is understood that Boyle received medical attention before being given the green light to board her flight as planned. After arriving in Nice, the singer made a trip across the border to Italy, where she performed at the 60th San Remo Festival.

An onlooker who witnessed Boyle’s collapse told the Daily Mail: “It was very dramatic. Susan’s legs just gave way under her and she went down.”

Last month, reports suggested that Boyle had been asked to calm down by British Airways staff after allegedly causing a disturbance at Heathrow’s Terminal 5. Now you know who’s to blame for the luggage delays…

Monica Poole says:

Why do you have to be so cruel with your “hairy angel” comment about Susan Boyle. No need for it.
If you can sing as good as she can then I could possibly accept it, but only as a jealous remark!