Spielberg To Make Dino TV Show?

February 17, 2010 by  
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Steven Spielberg will be bringing dinosaurs to the small screen in an upcoming project. No it’s not ‘Jurassic Park: the TV show’, the series will be called Terra Nova.

Reports in Variety describe how British writer Kelly Marcel had the idea for a show about dinosaurs and how it was originally going to be a UK project. Unfortunately, producer Aaron Kaplan convinced her to bring it Stateside.

That’s probably a good thing, we probably would have just ballsed it up anyway, right Primeval?

The premise of the show is based around a futuristic family that travels back in time roughly 150 million years to the wild landscape of Earth when dinosaurs were roaming around trying to avoid asteroids.

The project is apparently so cosstly that rather than making a pilot episode as most shows do, it will go straight into series production as it’s too expensive to make one then shut it down. So if this show does eventually happen we can look forward to big ass sets, good CGI and human chomping T-Rex’s.

Craig Silverstein, producer of Bones, will co-write the show with Marcel with Spielberg bringing Hollywood shine and a Dreamworks TV folks Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank with him.

Jenny J says:

Yet more British talent being pushed Stateside because we are incapable of making quality television over here.