“Snoooooow!” Weatherman Causes Internet Storm

February 16, 2010 by  
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American weatherman Jim Kosek has become an internet star after making a lot of noise about the snow in Baltimore earlier this month.

The meteorologist screamed his way through a forecast on February 5 as the ‘Snowmaggeddon’ storm hit the east coast.

“Oh boy, 14 to 22 inches of snow,” the 45-year-old warns calmly before launching into a verbal volley that would have been audilble for several blocks.

“Our paralysing, crippling, record-breaking storm comes today,” he yells.

“Road closures, flight cancellations in the hundreds, power outages by the tens of thousands, maybe the hundreds of thousands? Yes.”

Kosek’s video on YouTube has more than a million views, making him one of the biggest stars on the video sharing website, which is celebrating (only) its fifth birthday this week.