Wild At Heart Review: Tame Viewing

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2wildatheart300WILD AT HEART: Sunday 14th February, ITV1, 8.45pm ALERT ME

The scenery may be beautiful and the animals may be exciting… (maybe I need to get out more) but apart from that, Wild At Heart is all a bit, well, boring.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of incidents but as Olivia (played by Olivia Scott-Taylor) unconvincingly tells us “you’d be surprised at how lively it is here”, it’s just quite hard to actually care.

In perfect timing for anyone who’s feeling suicidal at the arrival of Valentine’s Day, much of this episode’s storyline revolves around the faltering of relationships.

Alice is becoming increasingly frustrated with Danny’s meddling, whilst a male hyena’s prospective new flame almost mauls him to death when he decides to make his move (and you thought your V-Day was bad).

Another male, although this time it’s human, also makes a monumental error when he pushes his new wife into a charging Wildebeest to save himself. This obviously doesn’t go down too well with her but does provide one of the show’s rare laughs.

Most of these issues are resolved during a cheesy and unbelievable conclusion to the drama, which had me cringing into my camomile tea at the unlikely turn of events.

A cliff hanger (sort of) is left to tempt us back next week and – if I have nothing else to do – I might watch to see how it all turns out. But then again I might be busy washing my hair.

As awful as this all sounds, there are a few laughs supplied throughout Wild At Heart and Dupe is clearly the hero of the show. Played by Deon Stewardson, he is a rugged, honest and genuinely likable character whose witty one liners endear him to the viewer. Threatening a naughty ‘friend’ that he will have “a lot more than his heart condition to worry about” if he ever double crosses Dupe again was a particularly heroic moment.

Yet Wild At Heart is little more than mildly entertaining. It is easy, Sunday viewing but has no real depth. The scenery is pretty and the animals are exciting…but that’s about as far as it goes.