Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: Gordon Brown! Come On Down!

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3gordonbrown300PIERS MORGAN’S LIFE STORIES: Sunday 14th February, ITV1, 10.15pm ALERT ME

You could say Piers Morgan is like Marmite – except that no-one loves him.

The smug, disgraced former editor of the Mirror has wormed his way back into the public eye, judging on Britain’s Got Talent and visiting expensive resorts with the Piers Morgan On… series.

But whatever rude-names you might reserve for the smarmy hack there’s no denying he can get some good interviews.

His Life Stories have put some well-known names in the hot-seat including Cliff Richard, Dannii Minogue and Katie Price.

On Sunday he goes face to face with one of few people as unpopular as himself – Prime Minister Gordon Brown. It’s not like we haven’t heard Gordon being interviewed before, but this chat promises to avoid boring policies and politics and find out more about the man behind the glass-eye.

We can expect some tears from the PM as he talks about the tragic death of his 10-day old baby daughter Jennifer Jane.

There will be some moving discussion of Brown’s agony when doctors told him his three-year-old son Fraser may have a poor life expectancy owing to his cystic fibrosis.

If previous interviews are anything to go by Piers will adopt an “everyone’s mate? persona he can’t quite pull off – but he never fails to ask some probing questions.

Of course no-one goes on chat-shows like this without good reason. There’s a general election coming up and meeting with Morgan is a great pr opportunity. His appearance is already getting some stick for blurring the boundary between celebrity and politician – something he has often accused his nemesis David Cameron of.

Tory leader Cameron is happy to expose his family life and appear personable. Brown has always hid behind the suit and red tie – might we get to see the real him for the first time?

Unlikely. The performance will be thought out and polished but it will be interesting to hear a politician finally talk truthfully about something, even if it is themselves.

rich kingman says:

I was very impressed by the pm ,it did give an insight to his past and what has shaped him to what he is today .
I still find it hard to trust him but that goes for all of them.
I would like to see how David Cameron would do on the show given similar questions.

Barry says:

He has used it as a great PR opportunity, it is such a two faced interview if Cameron had done this Brown would have ripped into him. He is praps the most boring person in the world. It sounds like Mandleson has planned the whole interview with the answers and everything else. Brown and Blair the same but Blair never made excuses for who he was. Brown is the most two faced people there is by his quotes and how he behaves.

joe neville says:

What a sleezy way to make points just before an election, and what better discard that Piers Morgan to ask the right questions to introduce more pathos and inuendo for the plebs – did you join the 3 milr high club – Shame on you.
On this alone I wouldn’t vote for labour.

Joshua says:

What a foul article. The glass eye comment and linking his coming out about his childs illness to the fact theres an election is disgusting