Young, Angry And White Review: Misspent Youth

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FIRST CUT – YOUNG, ANGRY AND WHITE: Friday 12th February, Channel 4, 7.30pm ALERT ME

A documentary about a racist and budding BNP member, Young, Angry and White is difficult viewing and at times infuriating.

Nineteen year old Kieren has been a nationalist since the age of 15 and the documentary follows him as he makes his decision whether or not to join the BNP.

So what drives an otherwise articulate and bright young man to misguided racist bigotry?

First time director Peter Beard attempts some trite psychoanalysis when he discovers that Kieren had problems at school and argued with his mother – a Freudian oversimplification at the very least.

He might have a point though – Kieren’s teenage life was blighted by upheaval: his parents divorced when he was a baby and his early years were dominated by constant relocation and domestic violence. It’s easy to see how Kieren could be attracted to an organisation such as the BNP as a way of justifying his anger at the world.

His frustration has just so happened to alight on foreigners, perceived outsiders – and in that way, he’s very similar to the Generation Jihad teenagers we saw earlier in the week. The trouble with racism is it’s inherently two-dimensional: foreigners are the source of all our troubles, get rid of them and everything will be fine – fallacious reasoning at its worst.

He seems to view the Red White and Blue Festival – A BNP organised event which attracted 1500 protestors – as a kind of fun family picnic – “people were having a laugh and having camp fires?. It quickly seems that his political ideology is more about a desire to belong – something common to any frustrated teenager.

Kieren spouts right-wing rhetoric every chance he gets, (on mixed-race relationships: “I’m against multiculturalism. Our women, fraternising with other races are part of the problem? – neatly managing to be both racist and sexist in one handy sentence) but he’s never given a chance to talk about why he believes those things and so we as an audience can’t really engage with his argument.

I don’t want to just disagree with him on a basic level (although anyone that has any kind of humanity will find it difficult to sympathise with his viewpoint), I want to oppose his arguments from their very foundations. It’s frustrating that we don’t get to find out what those foundations are.

Worryingly, Nick Griffin’s necessary relaxation of the BNP’s joining credentials (it’s now open to all races otherwise it’ll be prosecuted as a racist organisation – oh the irony), prompts Kieren to wonder whether they’re compromising their ideologies and serve to push him even further to the right.

Kieren’s worried that his extreme viewpoints might make it difficult to be part of society – rightly so, as any modern society should turn its back on such primitive drivel.

Mike says:

Very true about this being an infuriating watch. I hope the attitudes of people like this will be the thing that eventually dies out. Until then, we ignore them and wait for them to go away or we be fools arguing with fools.

Mark 12:31

matthew stevens says:

Having Not seen the Show i can not comment on JS’ Review but speaking from my own personal experience of Having a Rascist Father whose viewpoint was ”I love the Blacks but the Pakis can F*ck off”and bein around other similiar rascist’s and groups that would doctrine kids into similar organisations etc,i think its fare to say that it is just a question of a lack of intelligence coupled with a dysfunctional,abusive upbringing which leads to a want of needing to belong and bein loved so they seek shelter,comfort,love and acceptance at an early age with these ”scum”organisations!That is my point of view!

Mollyjo says:

Please look up the definition of racism White Pride because I don’t think that you know what it means. Nothing in Jez Sands’ review suggests that he is racist.

You might also want to have a look at your very basic understanding of genetics, and question whether it’s a good basis for an argument. Do you really think that – with a world population of over 6,800,000,000 – white people will ever, as you put it, be “killed off”? And how do you believe that the implications of such an unlikely event justify the actions of people like Kieren and Nick Griffin?

Tess says:

This guy in the documentary seems so desperate to fit in that he mistakenly thinks the answer comes from excluding others. Needs to grow up.

@whitepride I laugh at the fact that you call yourself white pride and then play the victim. “Oooh, no, we’re in so much danger of dying out. Poor us.”

Also, FYI, Jez is no racist. But he is a different race to me. What do you say, Jez, want to get together later and make some beautiful babies?!

Ceycll Reltsma says:

It’s all over-simplified. Isn’t that really what fear of anything “other” starts with? In the US we have gangs. Inevitably, if one takes the time to speak to a gang member, they say they wanted a place to feel needed, cared for and “a part of.” Usually that place was not home where violence & upheaval ruled the day. Domestic violence, or witnessing it and being unable to do anything about it, can do serious psychological damage. Not having seen the show, I wonder if any of this gets equated with his view on race, and it sounds like a real shame that the film-maker doesn’t bother to dig deeper or show more. That’s a big problem, if true. Racism (see above) is a simple, readily-available reason to blame anyone but oneself. Skin tone, race, categorization mean nothing when there is real family/friendship or love between human beings. Shame on people who are too stupid or willfully ignorant to get past their own fears and engage on a human level — learn a little something. Very sadly, unless someone does something careful and in depth to expose this man and the many others like him to their inner fears & demons, they will pass ignorance and hate, under many masks/religions & groups, to their own progeny across the planet. And they will never see how very truly pathetic that is. While they may be able to see it in others, gotten young enough, these people are never given a chance to find that usually what we hate most in others boils down to something going on inside of ourselves. Plus, everyone wants easy answers to tough questions. It’s unsurprising that people always want to paint themselves & others into neat little boxes, labeled to hate more easily. And FWIW, Barack Obama was raised by his white grandmother, who died on the eve of the election in ’08. Many worried openly that he isn’t “black enough” and he gets, rightfully, irritated at all of this, given that he just loves his family as his family – not a bunch of warring races. To use him as an example of something bad about biracial people is beyond willful ignorance. It’s stupefying.

kim says:

no one gives a damn to read/watch someone who is as small minded as this. Its sickening.

JH says:

@WhitePride: So him wanting the UK just for White People isnt wrong? Many people have just a strong claim to live here as others, they should’nt have to worry about being under attack and pressure to live by ‘patriots’. The Uk is a multi-cultural society, like most of the Westernised World

White pride says:

So he a racist for Standing up for his race, least hes not brain washed like u if anyone is the racist it’s u. Race mixing will kill off the White race IF U MIX RACE WITH SOMEONE NON WHITE YOUR BABY WILL BE NON WHITE look at barack obama, White mum black dad = black son. really people WAKE UP.