Death Doofs: EastEnders’ Top Five Deaths

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archiedead300It’s a wonder residents of Walford ever leave their homes given the shockingly high violent crime rate on the square.

In it’s 25 year history, which will be marked with a special live episode on February 19, there have been 70 deaths – 16 of which were violent. That represents a 22.8 per cent murder rate, way over the national average of 0.032 per cent.

Not that we should be surprised, pensioner Reg Cox was found murdered in the long running serial’s first ever episode!

A scientific study published in the British Medical Journal found that being an Eastenders character was more dangerous than being a Bomb disposal expert, steeplejack or Formula One driver and faces on the square were found to be twice as likely to die then their counterparts living in Coronation Street.

Without the surprise arrival of old flames, distant relatives and new faces the population of Albert Square would be desperately low. There have only been 28 births.

As the soap nears its anniversary and we finally get to find out who killed Archie, we take a morbid look back at the soap’s five best deaths…

5. Pauline’s Brain Packs In

Snow’s falling in Walford – someone’s going to die. This time it’s Pauline Fowler. Her nemesis Sonia gets arrested but it turns out husband Joe had hit her round the head with a frying pan causing a brain haemorrhage.

4. Tiffany Flattened By Frank

It’s no good running about the square when the roads are icy – especially at Christmas time. Look out Tiff!

3. Archie Busted By Bust

There’s a long list of people who would want to, but who did kill Archie Mitchell? All will be revealed on February 19.

2. Dirty Den Gets Shot

The character everyone loved to hate, Dirty Den gets shot by a member of the firm with a gun hidden in a bunch of daffodils. Despite being presumed dead for 14 years the character made a controversial return in 2003.

1. Barry Pushed Off Cliff

Poor old Barry, with a comedy flap of his arms he finally meets his end at the hands of Janine.

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