Peter Andre ‘Disgusted’ By Pictures Of Daughter

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peterandre210x300I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here star and general annoyance Peter Andre, is reported to be ‘disgusted’ with the pictures that were published of his daughter Princess Tiramisu, I mean, Tiaamii.

The pictures, found on ex-wife Katie Price’s sister’s facebook page, showed Princess in a full face of make up with big false eyelashes on.

Speaking on GMTV, Andre was outraged at the images of his daughter tarted up in her mum’s make-up, “If I’m to be honest, I’m absolutely disgusted and to me that’s the worst thing to be worried about. It’s a two-year-old girl and she’s, for the whole word to see, dressed like that – and to me that’s disgusting.”

Katie, who’s currently in Vienna, has defended her actions to The Daily Star, saying it was just a bit of fun. “I am a good mum, I know I am. I don’t need to be pictured with my kids to prove it.”

Katie’s sister Sarah defend the images, “How sad that my sister can’t even play dress up with Princess like all mums and daughters do.”

Does Sarah make a fair point or was it still shameless sexualisation of a child? Does anyone care? We’re already bored of their drama, next please. Let us know what you think, drop a comment down below.

R.M.S says:

Since having a daughter katie’s true problems have really surfaced. Sadly she has way too much money, too much choice and more freedom than can possibly be good for a woman who is so emotionally confused in this one area. Somebody should stop her out of kindness, as well as for the benefit of the little girl, or she is likely to throw both of their lives away. Sadly the media, and possibly many of her associates will more likely encourage her to ruin, and she does not have the maturity in this one area to take advice from the people who do care about her; nor do they have the objectivity to understand the pain behind her emotional processes and the grave potential dangers they present. It is a terribly sad situation, and simply begging for trouble.

v Hosking says:

Peter is so right, I think in this day and age with so many paedophiles accessing the internet etc. Katie should be more careful how she exploits her children. Yes, it is good for mothers and daughters to play “dress up” – I did it myself when a toddler, however, I wasn’t in the limelight. Katie should keep these special moments to herself and in her own private life.. What would she feel later in life if Princess is accosted through evil men that exist and are ever ready to take on girls who are too young to know better. I know Katie is worldly, that doesn’t speak for a young beautiful daughter or even when she is an adult. Take care now – prevention is better than cure.