Simon Cowell: ‘Britain’s Got Talentless’

February 10, 2010 by  
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Simon-CowellSimon Cowell is said to be feeling ‘frustrated’ over the poor quality of acts auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent this year.

This year Simon?! Just this year?

According to The Sun, the music mogul “cracked” during a day of try-outs in London after a 66-year-old woman showed off her skill of playing a hosepipe connected to a toy penguin as a musical instrument.

It is thought that Cowell turned around to address the audience and asked: “What the bloody hell? I am not going to be back next year. I am not kidding. I can’t do this anymore. I am 50 years old.”

An insider explained: “Simon didn’t think the auditions could get any worse after Cardiff, but London proved they could. The run of contestants was dismal. The judges just hope that some talent emerges before they wrap up the auditions.”

They’d better cross their fingers and their toes. Although sources said this had already been done at an audition in Birmingham. Sad times.

Carf says:

I was at the auditions and it’s true, Simon did say what the Sun are reporting. To be honest I’m more in shock at the fact The Sun quoted somebody correctly!