Channel 4 And E4 To Stop Airing Friends

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friends300x210Well it couldn’t last forever folks. Friends, the perfect hangover TV show, will cease to appear on both Channel 4 and E4 in 2011.

So we’ve at least got a year to say goodbye *sniff*.

Gill Hay, Head of Aquisitions at Channel 4, had this to say about the decision, “After 15 years, ten hit series and 236 terrific episodes it’s time to say goodbye to old Friends and welcome new ones, in the form of more comedy, drama and entertainment from the US and UK.”

After realising that each episode attracts an average of 400,000 viewers, Comedy Central are expected to quickly snap up the rights to Friends in the face of Channel 4’s announcement.

Good idea or epic fail? We’ll actually be a little sad that there’ll be no more Friends marathons on E4 but what new comedy could fill it’s place? We’re curious and a little scared, I mean, what could possibly take the place of re-watching the epic saga that was Ross and Rachel?

“We are incredibly proud to have been the home of Friends for so long, but at a point when the channel is undergoing a period of creative renewal it felt like the right time to part company.”

Well it’s too soon for us, Gill.

aaron says:

First i would like to say to all the people saying its been overplayed, i used to like it bla bla bla, E4 sucks, apart from the odd show, inbetweeners, how i met you mother, misfits, there is nothing on ever, and these are usually shown after 9, and most things they do now has 6 episodes then wait a year for another 6. FRIENDS is and always will be the best thing they have ever shown, it has not been overplayed, because of the time it is on it works great, as NOTHING good is on at this time. Now to E4 only got three words on issue, WORST DECISION EVER, i no i for one will hardly ever watch E4 now, comedy central now has the full package, Two and a half men, friends, scrubs, south park gonna be great

Elizabeth says:

Please bring back Friends. I love it! Watch it every day!

Phillipa says:

Im actually crying right now i cant believe it :'( friends is like the only tv program im allowed to watch so now what do i do???? Tbh i think its rediculous and im never watching e4 again… I feel so poo 🙁

Derve says:

Not fair 🙁 I LOVE watching friends everyday when i get home from school, and if the rights go to watch, then i wont be able to see it cause i dont have sky 🙁

sophia says:

i hate E4 now it is crap 🙂

sophia says:

im so sad i always watch friends in my room and now i wont be able to watch e4 ever again cos all the programes except the big bang theory and friends are shit so E4 yu ar officaly crap now

sophia says:

i think im gonna comitt suicide i cant live without friends 🙁

Amy says:

Oh no I love friends so so so much its so funny.

Sophie says:

Why don’t you get the box set?

Dylan says:

Why are you all crying over friends, it’s good but I’ve seen every one of the episodes now. I like “how I met your mother” and “the big bang theory” they are great shows. Also “the big bang theory” has something different To the likes of “friends” as they are all scientists. But what everyone should be crying about is the loss of “the inbetweeners”. “Friends” got an amazing 10 series compared to the 3 series “the inbetweeners” got. So I say fill the gap left with “how I met your mother” and “the big bang theory” but please we need more shows like “the inbetweeners” ” that relate to real people.

James says:

That first line meant to say *switch over to comedy central

James says:

First of all @Bex, i watch Friends on Freeview in my bedroom because my mum watches terrible Soaps at 5 so i can not switch over to freeview.
Also, no matter how many times Friends is repeated it is still funny, i only know of one person who doesn’t like the show. He complains its on all the time yet he has no problem with scrubs which, when aired, is on just as much.
I’m genuinely worried for E4, the new shows that are coming in are just abosulte rubbish. We have Glee (which far enough has a massive fan base, but they’ve lost that to Sky1 now), Accidently on Purpose, Glory Daze, The Class, The War at Home and Beaver Falls which are all terrible, terrible shows. Not to mention theres now no Big Brother, Smallville is coming to an end, How i Met Your Mother is on the final straight with probably only 2 more series’ to go and Skins hasn’t been good since series 3. So i really don’t know where E4 is going to get its viewers from. Long gone are the days when you could watch E4 all day after if you had nothing to do, or know that if there was ever nothing to watch that E4 would be there for you. Sad, sad times.

Bex says:

Right, I’m pretty sure most of us have the ability to turn over to comedy central. I love friends as much as the next girl but this is a big fuss over nothing let e4 cancel it they’ll realise it’s a mistake and if your that much of an avid fan get the box set yes it’s pricey but deal with it. It’s either spend the money, hope comedy central take it or just move on to something else. Tbh people friends Is and always will be classic comedy and whether it is shown on e4 or not won’t change that.

gemma says:

thank fuck!! there is only so many times they can repeat and repeat this crap i mean come on it used to be good but they have showed it that much that most people including me have been sickend off it

Rose says:

some people dont want to spend LOADS of money on box sets? Friends is amazing! i watch it everyday! LOVE IT.
as if theyre taking it away when i just got into it :(.

Emma says:

that is craaaaaaaaaaaap!they actually had quite good actors and good scripts and they are replacing it with cheap corny rubbish shows!oh and ugly betty is finishing you will get no veiwers.Oh and to all those cocky people saying “buy the boxset” shut up it caustes a bomb to get the whole thing so its great to have it on tv.

matt says:

friends is an absolute pain in the arse, 6 hours minimum a day, its about time it finisehed and some fresh ideas were aired, and for the one tracked minded idiots who cant cope without watching it, do all the intelligent people a favour and buy it on DVD in a box set and watch it, simple aint it. that way the rest of us wont have to suffer for your dislike of change.

mike says:

im sorry this is BS friends is the best thing on e4. if u take it off u suck fu** watchin e4 if u take it off

Emma says:

I totally agree with Steve and Simon. It is either Friends of Big Brother. Time for a change please!!!

megan says:

hey f**k you alll i love friends till the death go away.

Steve says:

Well its about time, I mean how many times can you repeat the same show. Friends was good once but has been done to death!! Well done E4

Simon says:

Give over the lot of you.
Friends has been finished for years, there’s only so long people can put up with re-runs of the same episodes all the time.
It was never a good show, it’s already extremely dated, and should be forgotten with all the other bad sitcoms.

Thank god it’s finally gone, I just wish it was going sooner.
To all you people so horrified, go buy the DVD boxset.

abby says:

i think i speak of the nation as a whole when i say i am sickened.

Lydia says:

worst decision they could of made! 🙁
and they say that they are going to replace it with more comedy and drama but i hope its not with shows like ‘how i met your mother’ and ‘the big bang theory’!!!!

Emmeline says:

Will E4 loose some loyal teen viewers? After all, newer shows like How I Met Your Mother hammock off of Friends, right? And who’s to say that Comedy Central won’t conveniently air it at the same time as the new E4 show? More of E4’s viewers will switch to Comedy Central and watch their shows..
I’m sure we’ve all got the D.V.D box sets, but you can’t beat switching on the T.V and finding Friends is on. It works excellently as a diversion and still has a high amount of viewers as we already know how funny and happy it always is. Perhaps the new E4 show won’t have the same effect..
Maybe Friends has been on too long on television and we do need something new. But there’ll always be Comedy Central. That’s looking like an interesting channel now..
Just a thought.

Pail says:

I wouldn’t watch e4 or channell 4 if I didn’t watch friends.

Dan says:

Students everywhere will rebel!
This is stupid, Friends and Scrubs are what makes E4 the channel it is… I’m gutted! 🙁

Greg says:

wtf why? Its the best TV show..and its probably going to be replaced by some other crp US or UK show..

Jay says:

NO WAY! how can they stop airing them!!
Dear e4, forget a ‘creative renewal’, Friends is great and you know it!

Raii says:


Al says:

About time too!! Its the one show that really gets on my t!ts.