Product Placement Ban On UK TV Lifted

February 9, 2010 by  
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truman show 300x210The decision was mulled over for many months but today the Government have decided to lift the ban on product placement for UK programs.

According to The Stage, culture secretary Ben Bradshaw claimed, “Adherence to our current position in which UK TV programme-making cannot benefit at all from the income potentially to be generated would lead to a continuing damage to its finances at a time when this crucial part of our creative industries needs all the support we can give it.?

So…money, money, money then?

Bradshaw also confirmed that there are certain products that aren’t allowed to be promoted such as alcohol, bad foods and over-the-counter medicines. But we won’t being seeing Norris kicking around Coronation Street in Nikes because the placement is only allowed in films, series and light entertainment show, not soaps…not yet anyway.

Economic boost for TV or shameful step towards Americanised trash? The glaring product placement in 90210 is one of the worst things about the show; will Skins start featuring well placed cans of Dr. Pepper?