Amanda Holden’s Fantasy Lives Review: Living In A Dreamworld

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tv-stars-2halfamandholden300x210AMANDA HOLDEN’S FANTASY LIVES: Tuesday 9th February, ITV1, 9pm ALERT ME

Britain’s Got Talent’s
Amanda Holden has taken more than a few jibes for being an ironic judge of talent and the woman cries so regularly you’d think her make-up was onion based…

But in the past I’d always defended her by saying that she can sing, she’s done TV and the West End for years and that there were more annoying celebrities than her out there.

I had to bite my lip while I watched Amanda Holden’s Fantasy Lives though.

In this final episode of a three part series, Amanda travels across the Atlantic to try her hand at country music in an attempt to fulfill her childhood dream of being a country singer. It might sound mildly entertaining, but unfortunately it isn’t.

Now, being a secret fan of all things country, I was looking forward to seeing some big stars name doling out sage advice to Holden. There were some interesting characters, but if it’s not Shania Twain then most people wouldn’t know who these wise old country stars were.

Though she never got a boob to boob meeting with her idol Dolly Parton, she did spend some time with Johnny Cash’s sister Joanne and his old writing partner Cowboy Jack Clement. She also had a chat with Kenny Rogers, Kimmie Rhodes and writer of Mr. Bojangles, Jerry Jeff Walker.

This episode, though mildly interesting, was not nearly as exciting or titillating as previous entries; I think many will agree that her stint as a showgirl was time well spent. Her attempts to make it as a country singer seemed a bit fruitless as she never really pulls off the finale that the show seems to promise. With the help of her mentor Ray Benson and some back up singers, she finishes the performance without a screw up but, at best, it sounds like a good night of karaoke.

Overall there are a few giggles (mostly at Holden’s laughable attempt at an American accent) and some interesting cameos for country fans to enjoy – but little else.