24: Jack Bauer To Hit The Silver Screen?

February 9, 2010 by  
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Jack300Lumbering behemoth 24 might still get a movie adapation according to Entertainment Weekly.

It’s been reported for years that Jack Bauer might be getting his chance to kick some ass on the silver screen but now it might actually happen as Fox are now reportedly in talks with Billy Ray (the writer of State Of Play) to write a feature length treatment for the series.

It’s far from a done deal though, as talks are still in the early stages and apparently depends on the fate of the series itself. 24 is now in its eighth season and it’s been experiencing a small ratings dip of late (come on, is there anyone out there still watching?) with the final two episodes just about to be written.

If Fox decide to shelve the series, then those two episodes will likely become the series finale and the set up for the movie. If it gets renewed for a ninth season, it’s likely that a movie would be delayed again.

How can you make a movie out of 24 anyway? The series is so impenetrable and complicated that even regular viewers have trouble catching up; new viewers might spend two hours scratching their heads in bewilderment.