Coronation Street: Will Joe Finally Go Under?

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408300CORONATION STREET: Monday 8th February, 7.30 & 8.30pm ALERT ME

It’s always a bit of a treat when soap writers whisk us from the grey guilt-ridden streets of wherever, and off on some merry jaunt across (or on very special occasions out of) the country.

Of course these trips are very rarely merry for the characters involved, yet there is always a great amount of novelty to be found in watching Phil Mitchell attempt Spanish, one of the Dingles try to find the Houses of Parliament or Morris take a trip to the Arndale centre.

The reason we bring it up is because tonight’s Corrie double-helping will be featuring a few scenes from a picturesque corner of the Lake District. Yes, Joe has decided to go through with his plan to pull off a John Darwin-like death hoax in an attempt to evade a pretty well-mannered loan shark and escape Weatherfield with his new wife Gail. “All I’ve got to do is disappear for seven years, and you can claim on my life insurance!” he says with poorly placed enthusiasm.

Such a plan proved impossible in the real world, but in a place where secrets have about the same life-expectancy as your average Queen Vic manager, it seems utter folly.

“I’ve been playing the lottery…” says Gail hopefully and very unhelpfully. But she can’t stop him from sailing off into the night, and when everyone at home discovers his secret debt, he is not a popular person.

While all this is going on in the Lakes, Peter is hitting the bottle pretty hard after making a right fool of himself at the press night for his new bar. After giving his family the run around, Deirdre suggests that they all have a nice cup of tea and decide what needs to be done…

Which is quite rich coming from the people who let him open a bar!