The Most Memorable TV Interviews. Ever.

February 5, 2010 by  
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aligWe can’t decide who we want to win when Piers Morgan locks horns with our beloved leader next weekend.

Will the PM do a George Best and turn up absolutely smashed? Here’s hoping.

But the whole publicity stunt brought memories of other hilarious, iconic and downright annoying TV interviews flooding back…

Evil Sky Presenter Makes Peter Andre Cry..

You can’t help but feel genuine compassion for Mr Andre after one of Rupert Murdoch’s minions tortured him with the prospect of losing his beloved kids, but we think the real villain of the piece has to be Dwight Yorke.

Despite being one of the most infamously absent fathers ever, he has the cheek to criticise the singer for trying to look after his fatherless kid!

Heather Mills Tells Everyone She ‘Considered’ Suicide…

Ex-porn actress Heather Mills had the temerity to compare herself to Princess Diana, the victims of the Hillsborough, talks about what will happen if The Sun ‘tops her off’ and then reveals she considered committing suicide (for the benefit of her daughter of course).

Still at least she gives 80% of her money to charity. Is that a lie Heather?

Jackson Comes Clean…

Despite the fact that it paved the way Jackson’s retrial, this memorable interview also lead to a resurgence in popularity for the King of Pop, and a slight backlash against Martin Bashir.

Nixon Remains Convinced That He Is Above The Law…

David Frost gambled everything by paying over $600,000 to get this exclusive interview with Richard Nixon, and he eventually got his money-shot when the disgraced former President admitted guilt over the Watergate scandal.

It was such a great story that it was even made into a film with Michael Sheen. Get those bums.

Ali G Grills The Beckhams…

Ali G may now be a retired character, but Sacha Baron’s potrayal of the wigger is still one of the funniest things ever to grace a television set. And who could forget the time he interviewed the Beckhams? “Every boy wants to be in his boots, and every man wants to be in his missus”. Safe.