Noel Edmonds Pay Cut – Deal Or No Deal?

February 5, 2010 by  
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noel edmonds210x300What is it with all this pay cut business? It seems there’s a new story every day about some celebrity who’ll only get £100, 000 a year to live on. How will they survive?

And now cuddly faced Noel Edmonds is the latest to join Jonathan Ross in rows over pay disputes. This news comes on the heels of revelations about Trevor Eve being the highest paid actor on TV, at £1 million per episode.

The deal that Edmonds is facing is a two-year contract that will see Channel 4 cut into his £1.5 million paycheck. But apparently Edmonds will resist the cut due to the viewing figures of Deal Or No Deal, which clock in at around two million

A source told The Sun that, “Deal or No Deal is one of the channel’s best performing shows so Noel should not have to take less. But he’s happy to make more shows a day as that frees up his time.”

dave says:

what a twat he is boring old overpaid square !