My Boyfriend The MI5 Hoaxer Review: Dr No No No…

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1hoaxer300MY BOYFRIEND THE MI5 HOAXER: Friday 5th February, Channel 4, 7.30pm ALERT ME

Fear is what underpins a lot of the news: the fear of terrorism, the fear of poverty, the fear of war – we see it every day, the news is determined to scare the utter bejesus out of us because that’s what sells papers and makes for high viewing figures.

My Boyfriend The MI5 Hoaxer is a glorified human interest story expanded and dressed up to look ostensibly like a serious documentary but after watching for five minutes you quickly realise that it’s about as insightful as a Live At Studio Five news report.

Leanne was a normal teenager in Oxford until she met her boyfriend. Wayne was an extravagant lover, showering her and her family (including her mother, who looks exactly like Chas Dingle from Emmerdale) with expensive gifts. When she questioned his providence, he revealed that his job as a whisky shop assistant was just a front for his real job: an MI5 operative.

After bringing her along on stings and stake outs, Leanne’s mental health started to suffer and he was only rumbled when she discovered that to pay for his extravagance, he’d run up debts of over £14,000 in her name.

All the interviewees are shot in shrouded semi-darkness and accompanied by that creepy plinky-plonky xylophone music you always get in horror segments to accentuate the sinister. Honestly, it’s the equivalent of holding a torch up to your face while telling ghost stories round a camp fire.

All of this is used to make the story seem more horrifying than it actually was. I have no doubt that it was a traumatic experience – no one likes being manipulated and used – but to blow it up to this proportion is ridiculous.

There are occasional shots of tarantulas crawling across dressers and syringes drawing blood solely put in there to add to the creepy atmosphere they’re trying to generate. If this wasn’t so aggravating, it’d actually be quite funny: shudder at the sinister dripping tap! Gasp at the overlapping audio used to portray madness! Shriek at the contrived attempt to make a serious documentary!

There’s not even any footage of Wayne, just some slow motion eerie close ups of a black and white mug-shot and a “reconstructed? audio clip of his police tape.

This isn’t a documentary; it’s a glorified Daily Mail article, trying to stir up fear where none actually exists.