Jedward Steal X Factor Grimelight (Again)

February 5, 2010 by  
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idiots Hair-raising talentless pop duo Jedward have peeved their fellow X Factor stars – again – by being given more songs than other acts on the show’s tour.

Twins John and Edward Grimes will get to perform three or four, while most of the others sing two.

But the Irish lads say it is only right as they were the focus of so much attention during the series.

Chuffed John, 18, said: “It’s because of this year’s show and all the stuff there was about us. We are not going to complain – it’s what we are being told to do.”

A source said: “Some of the others who got further in the competition might not be too happy, but Jedward are the stars.”

Rumours of a mysterious sudden power failure in the middle of song three, instigated by Lucy Jones, are yet to be confirmed.