Emily Deschanel Dishes On Bones Relationship

February 5, 2010 by  
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emilydeschanel210x300Everybody’s favourite forensic anthropologist Emily Deschanel recently spoke to Parade magazine about her hit show Bones and talked about what she thinks her character, Dr. Temperance Brennan, will be up to in the rest of the season.

Fans of the show end up with their panties in a twist on a regular basis as the romantic tension between Brennan and her partner Seeley Booth builds and builds.

But the show has thankfully avoided what is known as ‘The Curse of Moonlighting‘: a TV show that lost ratings after the leads finally hooked up, thus getting rid of all the tension.

So Bones fans might be waiting a while for love to blossom. Or will they?

“It seems to me that Brennan doesn’t want a child unless it’s Booth’s child, so we’ll see where it goes. I do want to see them get together and their relationship is going to change dramatically at the end of this season. The two of them have had this chemistry together. But, the physical side of it has evolved very gradually. I think that’s been a great way to explore a relationship.?

Well, whether they do or they don’t, we’re still getting a kick from the mix of quirky characters and the over-our-head forensic stuff, and apparently so does Emily.

“I think it is wonderful to have a character who has this great strength along with a bunch of idiosyncrasies that provide some humor to balance the grimness of her job. And she doesn’t pretend to be modest. I think it’s endearing that she calls herself a genius all the time.?

So do we.