Snog, Marry, Avoid? Review: Easy Question For Easy Girls

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1.5SMA300SNOG, MARRY, AVOID?: Thursday, 4th February, BBC3, 8pm ALERT ME

We’ve all seen this type of girl – there’s one jiggling her bits on the podium at every sticky-floored, pound-a-pint dive in the country.

You know, the one you’d bet on in a who’s-got-the-most-STDs contest, often seen with a drinking straw behind her ear to look like a Britney Spears microphone (hilarious), adopting a Charlie’s Angels pose for photos (original) and exposing her parts on the dancefloor (classy).

Presenter Jenny Frost rounds up another gaggle of these perma-tanned plebs for the new series of Snog, Marry, Avoid? which starts on tonight.

Kicking off proceedings is Burberry-clad 19-year-old mum Chloe Mafia (not her real name, obviously – she “just thought of it and that’s it innit?).

Facing the straight talking, cheap computer graphic POD (Personal Overhaul Device) she is forced to scrape off the powder and paint before receiving a glamorous “make-under?.

Big-breasted wannabe model Kate, 19, gets a similar treatment and loses her 30 inch long hair extensions and three inch fake-nails.

It’s hard to understand why they go for the slap-it-on-thick approach to make-up especially after seeing how they look underneath it all.

With their new style, the girls go back to their eager relatives who give them a completely underwhelmed response.

Former Atomic Kitten Frost revisits the participants a few weeks later to find that, oh ok, they’ve gone back to exactly how they looked before.

Despite the positive message that showing off your natural beauty is best, the whole concept has a fundamental flaw – you can’t polish a turd.

No matter how well presented these girls are – they’re still the same on the inside. For viewers the programme’s core question always gets the same answer. Avoid.

victoria says:

what was the man dressed up as a woman with a beard called xx <3 thank youuuu xx write backk babeee x <3 iloveyouuu