Road Warriors Review: Road To Helmand

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4ROAD_WARRIORS300ROAD WARRIORS: Thursday 4th February, ITV1, 10.35pm ALERT ME

Gordon Brown and David Cameron have a lot in common.

Neither can answer a direct question, both like pandering to the middle ground and although they both remain staunchly for the war in Afghanistan, neither has conveyed to the public what is going on over there quite as well as Ross Kemp.

He didn’t hide behind political newspeak to explain the situation, instead he simply followed front line soldiers through their daily battles with the enemy. No explanation was necessary, for the first time we could see the dangers of the war we were in.

It is precisely this formula that ITV’s new series Road Warriors uses to highlight the conflict in 2010. The show follows a specialist platoon of British soldiers who, using a wide array of army vehicles, are charged with the task of delivering vital supplies to outposts of resistance in Taliban strongholds.

The first episode follows a convoy into Nadi-Ali, a place notorious for IEDs and road-side bombs. The mission takes a staggering 48 straight hours of movement, but despite gruelling terrain and the enemy’s best attempts, the group achieves their goal.

Whatever ones opinion of the war in Afghanistan, Britain always maintains a universal support for it’s soldiers, whatever they have to do. Road Warriors has to be commended as a programme that highlights exactly what this is. We see brave men and women as young as eighteen fighting, we see a team mentality that some of our footballers should take note of, and ultimately we see our boys returning safe from a successful mission.

Despite our politicians best blunders Road Warriors shows the British army can win the war.

Peter Dow says:

Secure supply route plan for our forces in Afghanistan.


Dennis says:

Like many i thought their role was filling pallets in a depot. I never dreamed that their role extended beyond that to war zone deliveries with the enemy trying to blow them up every few feet. They have gained the ultimate in self respect by me and others

kitkat says:

Bloody good show. Really life makes you think how lucky you are watching it from the comfort of your own sofa!