Piers Morgan To Interview Gordon Brown

February 4, 2010 by  
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freckly_gordon_brownHe will surely have to negotiate more difficult interviewers in the run up to this summer’s general election, but the Prime Minister probably won’t the quizzed by anyone more annoying than Piers Morgan.

Gordon Brown will be appearing on Morgan’s chatshow, Life Stories on Sunday 14th February, in an attempt to build an image of himself as a normal bloke.

The hour long interview has been described as a ‘curtain raiser’ for the new series (beginning next month) by producers, but will be described by almost everyone else as a thinly-veiled publicity grab.

“I have been trying to secure a Life Stories interview with the Prime Minister since the series was first devised, because he is an absolutely perfect subject for the show,” said Morgan.

“He’s one of the most famous people in the country, yet remains a man of mystery to many. I have known Gordon Brown for over 15 years – he is a man who has enjoyed great triumph, suffered terrible tragedy, and will soon face the biggest challenge of his career.”