Lost Series 6 Review: It’s Getting Crowded On The Island…

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3.5lost300LOST: Friday 5th February, SKY1, 9pm ALERT ME

A lifetime’s supply of Haribo eggs, a duvet and the complete works of Oscar Wilde – the three things I’d take with me to a desert island.

People answer this query as if you can prepare for this kind of scenario, but what if you couldn’t? What if you were just dumped there with a group of ridiculously good-loooking Americans, some evil mist and a Polar Bear?

Welcome to Lost.

Now in it’s sixth and final series, writers promise an explosive conclusion for the various inhabitants of the mysterious island in question. Once again we seem to be heading for a time-split scenario, although on this occasion, writers seem to have embarked upon three simultaneous stories, in different time zones (of course), with various characters coming and going constantly. Are you with me so far?

We open with Jack on flight 815 and see how the journey would have played out had the aeroplane not crashed. In this alternate reality things are a bit more predictable, except passengers actually talk to each other (or maybe that’s just my British reserve).

Meanwhile, back on the island, Kate, Jack and Sawyer et. al wake up in the jungle around ‘The Hatch’, which is in it’s imploded form after Locke let the atomic bomb explode at the end of the last series. Although not in the seventies any longer, they are still on the island, much to Sawyer’s anger. “You were wrong; you said if we stopped it being built the plane wouldn’t crash,” he shouts at Jack. This has serious implications for Juliet, who is lying desperately under the debris.

Sayid is also fighting for his life with help from Hurley, when he is approached by Jacob who tells him “I died an hour ago” without a hint of irony. This along with, “take Sayid to the temple to be cured” creates enough intrigue for the curious and hopeless Hurley. At the temple in question we see a large group of people led by new character (Japanese superstar Hiroyuki Sanada, fact fans) who seemingly works for Jacob.

In the temple resides Locke, who has been inconveniently possessed by an evil spirit. As for the secret Juliet is keeping, fans will have to wait and see how these and other confusing mysteries unfold.

If we know Lost like we think we do, that might not happen any time soon…