Eight Boys And Wanting A Girl Review: Oh Boy

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tv-stars-3boys300CUTTING EDGE – 8 BOYS AND WANTING A GIRL: Thursday 4th February, Channel 4, 9pm ALERT ME

A baby is a blessing to most people, but after watching this week’s Cutting Edge I realised that some families aren’t satisfied with the happy, healthy brood they’ve produced. Apparently, what they really need is a girl.

I can’t really blame them ’cause girls are awesome and boys are smelly poo poo heads but I ended up feeling bad for the batch of boys that these fertile mothers already had.

Mother of eight boys, 43 year-old Wendy Bowen has been trying for a girl for 21 years. I personally would have given up at the fourth hurdle – I mean baby – but Wendy desperately wants a daughter to share her life with. Meanwhile Nicola Trathen decided not to marry her partner and father of her four boys until he could give her a girl. I just think he was holding back his girl sperm on purpose as he didn’t want his daughter to be like his wife.

Michelle Priestley, 37, already has four boys and is pregnant again and dreaming of a little girl. But with her biological clock ticking away and the odds stacked against her, will she finally get what she always wanted? Here’s hoping because watching her drag two of her sons around the girls section of a toy store gave me a flashforward into their future; either drag queens or permanently on a therapist’s couch.

The problem for Wendy and Michelle is that a fertility programme exists abroad and it could give them the correct gendered child that they crave, unfortunately the treatment will cost a princely sum. Lucky for Nicola and mum of four boys Allyson Burns, they can afford to undergo the procedure known as PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis). This will allow them to have several eggs fertilised and then if there is a female eggs they can implant it for pregnancy.

The film doesn’t really delve too deeply into the scientific or the moral implications of the procedure as it’s still illegal in the UK, but instead focuses on the women’s heartache. All they talk about is their longing for a girl, a psychological condition known as ‘Gender Disappointment’ which takes it’s toll on the women and the husband’s who are, for the most part, totally unable to help the situation. The stories are interesting and often sad but don’t illuminate the problem from any other approach than an emotional one.

A little substandard for a Cutting Edge film; it would probably have been better as a two episode piece, but as the women in the film learn, you can’t get everything you want.