Mastermind’s Lowest Ever Score

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mastermindlowestA Mastermind contestant has earned his place in quiz show history by notching the show’s lowest ever score.

Software analyst Kajen Thuraaisingham correctly answered just five questions – four of those on his specialist subject.

He gave 13 wrong answers and 11 passes giving the programme its least succesful participant in a 38-year-old history.

His subject of expertise, or so he claimed, was the life of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey.

Despite the humiliating experience the 28-year-old issued a statement through the BBC that said: “I tried my best but it wasn’t my night.”

Host John Humphreys sympathised with Kajen’s mental choke. He said: “It’s the ‘black chair’ syndrome, the mind can just go blank. I really felt for him but I’ve seen it happen before.”

In case your wondering, the one nugget of general knowledge Kajen did have was that Ursus Maritimus is the scientific name for a polar bear.

The result must have felt like a win for Michael Burton, who two months ago was Mastermind’s biggest loser scoring just seven points.

The 45-year-old gas technician, whose specialist subject was ‘angels’ later tried to claim his low-score was a some kind of pre-planned joke.

He told the Evening Standard: “I am not a dunce. Far from it. I did all of this deliberately. It was part of a prank.

“I did it because I am into numerology and the number seven has special significance for me. It is also the number of children I have so I wanted to get a point for each of them and involve them in my spiritual journey.”

david clark says:

My heart goes out to Mr. Thuraaisingham, who has at least acted with a bit of dignity after what must have felt like a personal disaster. Speaking as someone who has actually braved the black chair myself, I have to say that until you try it for yourslf you can have no appreciation of the way that the pressure can play havoc with your concentration. As he said – it wasn’t his night. Nobody died. Lets get over it. as for Michael Burton, I bet he’s cursing. Somehow I think that if he couldn’t do well on the show – and it seems he couldn’t – he was happy to take the notoriety from doing so poorly.Well matey, that’s your place in the record books gone now.