Embarrassing Bodies: Not For The Faint Farted

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3bodies300EMBARRASSING BODIES: Wednesday 3rd February, Channel 4, 9pm ALERT ME

Medical gawp-fest Embarrassing Bodies is back with a waiting room full of wayward willies, extreme flatulance and tubular boobs.

Keith, who is so red-faced about his condition he decided to parade it round on television, has a bent penis “like a horseshoe”.

Despite being armed with the ability to do the dirty round corners, Keith is having no joy in the sack and after a chat with Dr Christian decides to go under the knife.

As usual, viewers are spared none of gore and cameras are let into the operating theatre for the painful-to-watch procedure.

Also showing their bits to a national audience are Elizabeth with her Hobbit-like fungus infected toenails and 23-year-old Jane who has a pair of shoe gazing nipples.

The hidden horrors behind the nation’s gnashers are also revealed with the help of new recruit cosmetic dentist Dr James Russell.

A fresh spin for this series is an upcoming episode focusing on viewers’ photos of their embarrassing rashes, parts and problems which the doctors will diagnose. Pity is due for the poor researcher that has to sort through this inbox of horrors and select the best snaps – surely a contender for the worst job in television?

It’s hard not to wince at some of the unusual ailments presented to Doctors Christian, Pixie and Dawn and this series kicks-off with some leg-crossingly queasy moments.

Long-breasted Jane’s surgeon describes her operation as a “tricky bit of tailoring” as he rips skin from flesh and trouser-coughing Jo is reduced to tears because she “trumps a hell of a lot”.

But that’s what keeps viewers watching between their fingers and even the most squemish among us can’t help but be drawn to the ins and outs of even the most bizarre conditions. And for the patients seeking help, treatment can be truly life-changing.

stewart smith says:

Hi after watching the program last week . There was a young man in the catering industry that doctor saw, with contact dermititis. the doctor did`nt realy give him an actual cause for his problem.
After having the same problem for many years I finaly found that the problem was caused by the paper towels used by the majority of catering establisments around. As they are very cheap to supply. The chemicals in the towels cause drying of the skin and can lead to the dermititis. There must be hundreds of people out there that could benifit from this information and I would be most greatful if you could use your fantastic program to inform them. All the best stewart Smith.

Peggie c.j. says:

hi Ive been troubled with I.B.S. for some years now was wondering how I could obtain an emergecy toilet pass I live in Fife. would appreciate any info thanks

dan says:

a was quite fat at a young age n now few years l8r i am thin n fit but still hav man boobs it doesnt matter how long iv been goin 2 th gym or woteva a cud try i hav i am thinkin th only solution left is th see a plastic surgeon ov sorts 2 help me was wonderin if this is th best idea how do i go about it or if not wots th best route 2 take? please help i hav an embaressin body 🙁

nicole says:

hi ive had both my big toe nails taken off due to ingrown toe nails. that was when i was younger, now im older i feel i carn’t wear open to shoes sandels or fipflops because of this. what can i do to have a nail or something like a nail. ive tried false and gel nails they fall off.
please help.

louise says:

hi i would like your help i am 33 and i have a very big belley i have tryed every diert going and i do exersise all the time asi am a mum of 3 . i would like your help as i am on depresion tablets and i have also tryed to take my own life becouse of my tummy i tend to stay in the home becouse i now people are snigering at me and i am still teased by people about my size .i have also tryed olastat and the slim fast i have done eveything you can think of i would like your help please louise

Ann-Marie says:

I have IBS and have had for afew years now. I was wandering where if possible I could get a ‘Toilet Card’ It would be a great help.

Janet C says:

I watched your programme last night and was intrigued to see the part on breast surgery. I am 45 years old and for the past few years have had a dark ink like substance come out of my nipples. I have been under the hospital for this and had tests and mammograms but they have found nothing wrong.
Another problem I have is with my right breast. Compared to my left one the right one looks deformed. When I sit upright my right nipple disappears completely and seems to tuck itself under my boob. Im finding this extremely embarrassing and it has knocked my confidence completely whereby I have not had a relationship of any kind for 5 years now.Do you think there is anything that could be done for me?
Thanking you in advance

helen gray says:


i watched your tv show last night and i too have suffered with severe constipation, wind and bloating for over 3 years. it’s very painful, especially up to my period and i can’t cope with the pain sat at work every day. i have to take laxatives every night as thats the only way to empty by bowels.
i went to the doctors few days ago, go to go for blood texts for bowel cancer etc…. i eat healthy and walk everyday to and from work.
its very embarrassing and the stench of my poo is disgusting, acid like and makes me very sore. please help, any suggestions for me is appreciated.

Tammy says:

Hi I watched your show yesterday and I have the same problem with my breasts as that woman did. I would like some more information on the operation she had please.

Thank You and Kind Regards,

lance says:

Hi my name is lance, im 19 years old, i found a lump on one of my bum cheeks, it is hard and painful and it gets longer, it is like dead skin i suppose, but when moved it can be quite painful, it dont help that my pants irritate it. what is it and what can i do about it? thanks lance

hollie says:

hello my names hollie , i am 18 years old , but since the age of 15 my breasts have been the same size, maybe even a bit bigger when i was younger , now i am a 34 b and a tiny b at that… its quite embaressing having such small boobs at my age and just wondered if theres any reason for this and will they grow anymore? thankyou .

sarah Armstrong says:

Hi my name is sarah im 28 years old and have endometriosis i have suffered with this pain for 2 years. I was told by my GP that is IBS they gave me medication but didnt work. So i went for scans and nothin i had keyhole surgery last july and had the adesions removed.One month later pains came back i’m on zoladex now for the past 4 months i see my consultant in 2 weeks and i still have pains i feel so down with mood swings, hot flushes, insomnia whats next after zoladex please help i just want to be PAIN FREE thank you