Vampire Diaries Review: Date With The Night

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2vampires300THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Tuesday 2nd February, ITV1, 9pm ALERT ME

There must be something in the water in Mystic Falls, Virginia, because even the lowly school administrator is achingly beautiful.
And as if that didn’t make the place eerie enough there’s a new bloodsucker in town.

Clever money is on the local wedding DJ, because whoever they are they’ve come armed with some heavy duty smoke machines.

Of course not. Behind the thick fog of each attack is the tall, dark and handsome new-kid-in-school Stefan who is struggling to control his vampirous urges.

But he’s not the only one with urges and every girl in class instantly takes a liking to him. Finding a friend in orphaned Elena, the pair find a mutual passion for the timeless goth pastimes of writing in their journals, wearing black and hanging round graveyards.

As Stefan settles into his new life, Elena struggles to start afresh following the death of her parents in a car accident.

With Stefan busy trying to cope with teen-life but the town’s inhabitants dropping like flies – could there be a second vampire afoot?

Featuring all the American high school stereotypes: jocks, stoners, cheerleaders and geeks – the bulk of the series looks set to be all teen-romance with a bit of neck-biting on the side.

The creepy bits aren’t that creepy unless dry-ice gives you shivers but there are moments that will make you jump and the drama delivers some bite.

There is some good acting from the cast of relatively fresh blood and strong independent gal Elena, played by Nina Dobrev, is sure to be an icon for thousands of Miley Cyrus loving teens.

Television audiences have developed a real taste for blood in recent years fueled by True Blood, the Twilight series and in the UK by Being Human.
Set firmly in the Twilight mould and never as witty as True Blood, Vampire Diaries is likely to satisfy the thirst but it won’t be long before romantic teen-horror fans are howling at the moon again.