Tower Block Of Commons: Estate Of The World Address

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tv-stars-3halfIan+Duncan+Smith300TOWER BLOCK OF COMMONS: Monday February 1st, Channel 4, 9pm ALERT ME

With the expenses scandal getting pretty much everyone’s back up, could there be a better way to get back at MPs than throwing them to the lions in London Zoo?

But as we can’t do that, how about sending them to live in a tower block for eight days – maybe then they’ll appreciate the luxury they’re afforded at our expense.

The four MPs lobbed into four separate tower blocks are Shadow Minister For Children, Tim Loughton, former Conservative leader slaphead Ian Duncan Smith, Veteran Labour backbencher Austin Mitchell and Liberal Democrat and rent boy enthusiast Mark Oaten.

Here they have to do whatever their host families tell them to do, apart from Austin, who demanded to bring his wife and have his own flat. Somehow, it’s hard to feel that he is really going to get into the spirit of things, especially when neighbour Selina reveals her methadone addict and Austin’s wife replies, “When I feel like that, I have a glass of New Zealand white wine and when I feel really bad, I have two?.

Needless to say, estate life comes as a bit of shock – drug problems are rife, the flats are damp and urine and faeces are frequently found in stairwells. “It’s like a bloody prison? whines Oaten (I reckon he’ll be in tears by the end of the series).

It’s not all doom and gloom; seeing IDS wearing a Nike Hoodie, Tim Loughton “getting down? in a Birmingham Club and Mark Oaten learning to play the lottery is actually pretty funny.

But on a more serious note, it’s disappointing that they didn’t know the kinds of conditions that thousands of people across Britain face every single day.

It’s a two-way mirror – it seems the average man on the street has so little faith in politicians, they either don’t vote, have a misguided opinion or can be convinced to vote for white-power scumbags like the BNP because they’ve become so disillusioned by the current system.

Tower Block Of Commons might have started out to be nothing more than an excuse for the middle classes to gawp at the underprivileged but it could actually achieve something.

It’ll be a long time before confidence is restored in MPs (if there ever was any), but this is at least a step in the right direction. And if not, there’s always a trip to the zoo…

Webbster says:

(British expat now living in the USA here. Can’t watch this programme because of geographical restrictions.)

Excellent post. I got a good picture of what the programme is all about.

Thought Austin Mitchell as a decent bloke, man of the people and all that. He – or more correctly his wife – has obviously lost touch.

I was brought up on a housing estate and can still remember it all too clearly. Saddened to hear that nothing has changed.

I’ll have to see if I can find this episode somewhere, *taps side of nose* need to watch it after reading this.

AK says:

I knew politics were ‘experts’ of what they believe in, but I did not realise how ignorant and narrow minded they are. Regardles of which party they belong to, they seem to base their political and personal believes on perpetuated partie’s assumptions, which are not evaluated/ updated in light with the reality. Times change, and people in charge should adapt to these changes, adapt their views, and stop categorising communities and individuals. Concept like communities, social interdependence and responsibility should be encouraged and valued.