The Richard Dimbleby Lecture: Shaking Hands With Death

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THE RICHARD DIMBLEBY LECTURE 2010: Monday 1st February, BBC1, 10.35pm ALERT ME

Anyone who watched last year’s intriguing series in which Terry Pratchett explored Alzheimer’s will probably be very keen to watch the annual Richard Dimbleby lecture.

Although the event has previously given platforms to luminaries like Prince Phillip, Bill Clinton and James Dyson, this could be one of the most important in recent years.

Since the Discworld author was diagnosed with the illness, he has worked hard to draw attention to the plight of sufferers and although details of this address are sketchy, viewers can expect Pratchett to start asking whether we should be redefining how we as a society deals with death in the face of an ageing population.

Fans of his books will know to expect some acute and funny observations as well as serious subject matter. Few who watched last year’s programmes will forget him describing the illness as, “like having a moron living in your head, running around switching the lights off and stealing the words from the tip of your tongue”.

Given the mitigating circumstances, this could end up being one of the boldest and most poignant for years to come. If nothing else it will at least be more entertaining than Prince Charles’ 2009 lecture…

Mark says:

Theme Music to the The Richard Dimbleby Lecture –

hugh says:

Can anyone tell me what piece of music is being played during the opening to this prgramme Richard Dimblebay Lectures. It sounds like something I have heard
but I can;t put my finger on its origin.

Graeme says:

Is it really the case that after i-player has had it for a week, we no longer have access to the programme or the full text?

As I don’t live my life according to TV schedules, I certainly think i-player is a step in the right direction, but really this piece of history is no longer available in ANY format ?

No wonder we have such major challenges as a species !

Jackie Hancox says:

What a wonderful body of work by both Terry and Tony.
Thanks Sven for the link. I was trying to rememeber what PCA stood for, now I know and Yes I have googled it! – scary stuff.

Sven Guckes says:

Rosemary, Maureen, Elaine, Carol – here is what i just found:

carol walters says:

having lost my Husband to this dreadful illness i was very moved by the marvellous delivery by Tony Robinson ( himself no stranger to the illness) of Terry Pratchet’s amazing and poignant address. how we need people with the imagination and forsight to come to grips with the subject.

not having an iplayer i would like to read the transcript. How do I get one PLEASE

elaine says:

I would like a full transcript of the Dimbleby 1st Feb lecture. How do I get one?

Paul B says:

There is an extended excert on the Guardian website today.

It was a fantastic, funny and moving speeche expertly delivered.

Maureen says:

I would also like a transcript of the David Dimbleby (1st February 2010) lecture. Please let me know where I can obtain one. Many thanks

rosemary strachan says:

I would also treasure a transcript of yesterday’s (1.2.2010) David Dimbleby lecture. Please tell me how to obtain one. Thank you.

Claire says:

Hi, I missed this but intend to watch it on iplayer. However, does anyone know how I can get hold of a transcript of the lecture please.

Linda Kantes says:

Enjoyed the lecture tonight and couldn’t agree more with what was said. Woudn’t it be wonderful to find someone in gov’ment with the same common sence attitude towards death. Keep informing the public, the message will get through to the powers that be, eventually.

Horace says:

A brilliant lecture. Terry has put the case forward in support of ‘assisted death’ with the greatest of clarity.

nodnodwinkwink says:

Watch this, It is of course expertly written since its Terry Pratchett at the helm but with the help of Tony Robinson, Pratchetts point is perfectly put across.

watch it on bbcs iplayer if you get a chance.

dr sally button says:

i have just watched tony robinson read sir terry pratchet’s lecture.
there are few things in life that you know will stay with you for life but this is one of them -superb.
to read someone else’s words as though they were theirs is a true talent and a standing ovation was a small acolade for its impact.
now a very late night but worth it!

Ben says:

A very passionate lecture from Terry Pratchet.

I am in agreement with much of what he said.

I just wish that more people would get on board with SENS

This has the potential more than any other approach to cure the diseases of aging in the near future, all it needs is investment and publicity…

Lets fix this