Being Human Review: Cult Viewing

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BEING HUMAN: Sunday 28th February, BBC3, 9pm ALERT ME

Being Human’s second season comes to a close tonight, and this final episode – which mixes soap-style drama with a splattering of horror – won’t disappoint fans of the series. If you’re new to the show, it’s probably best you go and catch up before watching this one, as climactic confrontations will leave the uninitiated scratching their heads.

However, die-hard viewers be warned: the end of this review contains a (minor) spoiler.

Werewolves George and Nina are still in the quasi-scientific/religious facility with ghost Annie, still vainly believing that they can be cured of their afflictions and lead normal lives (presumably where they don’t feel the need to kill people once a month). Read More

The Secret Treasury Review: Oh Darling

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“Routine punctuated by orgy? says one expert when asked about life in the Treasury.

Sadly, working in Whitehall isn’t as exciting as he makes it sound. The orgies refer to moments of great disarray and stress, not Caligula style romps.

This documentary does its best to make the civil service exciting but we all know that’s going to be a tough task, and as narrator Michael Cockerell makes clear, the suits in the Treasury are the dullest of the lot.

Selected for their intellect and numerical nous these bods are not known for their rowdy Christmas parties, but they do hold the fate of the nation in their hands. Read More

Monsters Inside Me Review: The Worms Are Coming

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MONSTERS INSIDE ME: Sunday 28th February, Discovery, 9pm ALERT ME

Sunday evening in tellyland is usually a sacred time. Period dramas abound and people try to hawk their family heirlooms on Antiques Roadshow

But what’s this coming over the horizon? Killer flesh-eating parasites? God bless the Discovery Channel.

Monsters Inside Me is the kind of disturbing car crash television that some people can’t get enough of. Hypochondriacs probably shouldn’t watch, but even the most stoic among us will baulk at the tale of a flesh-eating parasite running amok in Texas.

The things are literally gobbling his arm, and before long they’re helping themselves to half the state… Read More

Coronation Street To Launch Wii Game

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Characters from Coronation Street are set to appear in their very own Wii game and to celebrate, we have created wii versions of two famous Weatherfield characters, Tyrone Dobbs and Jack Duckworth.

The interactive game will be released to celebrate the soap’s 50th anniversary later this year, it was revealed yesterday. It could even see stars from the past such as Hilda Ogden and Elsie Tanner mixing with those from the present like Rosie Webster on the bestselling console.

This news follows reports that the soap will be launching a range of merchandise in its fiftieth year…

Ant & Dec’s Push The Button: Button Buddies

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ANT & DEC’S PUSH THE BUTTON: Saturday 27th February, ITV1, 7.45pm ALERT ME

Is it me or does Dec look like he’s about to devour your soul in this picture? It’s the sort of image you see surrounded by candles arranged in the shape of a pentagram in a satanic church.

Soul-eating aside, perpetually smiling, Wii-promoting, golden-handcuff wearing Geordies Ant & Dec are going to be presenting a new gameshow this weekend – Push The Button.

Two families will be pitted against each other to take home a £100,000 cash prize. Apparently, they’ll face a series of “hilarious? games, challenges and silly costumes, all the while the pot of money drips away. The only way they can stop their cash evaporating is by pushing the button.

It sounds like a cross between the classic game show It’s A Knockout and The Crystal Maze. But can Ant & Dec live up to the bombastic overtones of Stuart Hall or Richard O’Brien? Read More

Corrie Soap? The Street To Launch Its Own Merchandise

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Merchandising is a big part of the movie industry but now Coronation Street is getting in on the act.

To mark its 50th anniversary the soap is going to have its own branded bread, tea and errrm… soap as well as a computer game.

Nintendo is said to be developing a game set in the fictional street which will be available on the Wii.

The show’s logo will be carried on Warburtons bread, Imperial Leather soap and Typhoo tea.

There will be a Corrie Ale and pies available too in celebration of the soap’s first episode, broadcast on December 9, 1960.

Generation Game iPhone App On Way

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I know what you’re thinking. I love Bruce Forsyth so much, if only there was some way I could listen to him jabbering mindless catchphrases all day, every day.

Well, if you’re lucky enough to own a swanky phone, your dreams will soon come true as the BBC launch a range of iPhone apps based on hit shows.

A Generation Game app is in the pipeline where users can try to memorise the conveyor belt contents.

Ultra-tough quiz game Mastermind is also lined up for an app.

BBC Worldwide, which create all the spin-offs, have already launched paid-for iPhone apps for the Radio Times and Top Gear.

Last year they infiltrated the games market and had a Top Gear track and Stig driver as a special feature in the PS3 game Gran Turismo.

Doctor Who To Feature Pregnancy Storyline

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SPOILER ALERT! If you want to be a blank canvas when the new series of Doctor Who rolls around then look away now.

Reports from The Sun today reveal that in episode seven of the new series, the Doctor’s new assistant Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan, will be sporting a baby bump. Ooh er.

The story has been penned by Men Behaving Badly writer Simon Nye but won’t be part of the overall series because…it’s all a dream. Wait, didn’t we use that storytelling device when we were about 12?

That’s right, the episode will see Amy having a dream where she’s with child but apparently can’t tell what’s reality and what’s a dream. Sounds like well worn ground to me but with a Timelord twist it’ll probably be riveting stuff.

Oh, and no, the Doctor is not the father. He hasn’t hit puberty yet.

The Other Michael Jackson Review: Boogie Blame

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THE OTHER MICHAEL JACKSON: Friday 26th February, Channel 4, 7.35pm ALERT ME

Warning: if you’re not a fan of the song, ‘Blame it on the boogie’, look away now. Seriously.

For everyone else, you’ll want to get off your sofas and dance as soon as this documentary starts with The Jackson Five bursting onto the screen like musical happy pills.

That is until a man called Sam Peter Jackson appears, ending the party. But wait. He has a message. “In 1978 my dad wrote one of all-time classic disco anthems. My dad is Michael Jackson.”

No need to drop fork-onto-plate. For this is the true story of two men of the same name, releasing the same song in the same week, a.k.a, ‘The Battle of the Boogie’. Read More

Kerry Katona Gets Channel 4 Show

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Troubled personality Kerry Katona has struck a deal with Channel 4, according to reports in The Sun.

The star will be paid £50,000 to let a camera crew document her split with Mark Croft and her attempts to lose weight. Honestly, we’d rather be eaten by Alsatians than watch this.

Croft split with the mum-of-four last week after he accused of her cheating on him with a married fitness trainer.

An inside source commented on the deal, “This is Kerry’s chance to set the record straight about what’s been happening in her life over the past few months.”

Reports have indicated that the star signed a deal because she’s a bit short on cash since she was dropped from the Iceland adverts. After photos emerged of her allegedly snorting cocaine, the star’s been threatened with having her house repossessed.

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