Australian Open Final: Murray vs Fedbot

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4open3300AUSTRALIAN OPEN FINAL: Sunday 31st January, BBC2, 8.30am ALERT ME

After waiting 74 years for a British man to win a major tennis tournament, will Andy Murray finally end our feverish wait for a British champion this weekend?

To do so, he’ll have to get past ruthless tennis machine Roger Federer, the Swiss who defeated him in the US Open Final of 2008 (Murray’s only other Grand Slam Final appearance).

So the odds are not good for our ugly little Scottish friend then? Well in fact that is not the case. Murray has been playing what he describes as “the best tennis of his career” over the last couple of weeks and after defeating Federer’s nemesis Rafael Nadal in the quarter-finals, he looks ready to finally end the Lord of Wimbledon’s reign of racquet terror.

But then we remember that the Swiss maestro has been world no.1 for about 20 years and can do this.

Subsequently the Scotsman’s best hope might be that the Fedbot suffers some sort of malfunction, (perhaps a previously undetected glitch in his sophisticated tennis playing software) that triggers a blue screen and a trip back to Skynet for an upgrade.

Whatever the outcome, it promises to be an absorbing contest, yet those who do manage to clamber out of bed at this early hour (or turn over and reach for the remote), should be warned that they face another obstacle before they watch the actual match.

The presenting skills of Sue Barker and Tim Henman are usually enough to consign even the most alert viewer to a monotone-induced slumber, and tennis fans might be better advised to set their alarms for nine o’clock so as to avoid the dry build up that will undoubtedly precede the event itself.