Alex Wins Celeb Big Brother Then Declares Love For Katie

January 30, 2010 by  
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alexreidAfter sweeping to victory on a tide of public opinion not seen since the 1997 general election, Alex Reid declared his love for Katie Price live on national television.

The classy model then hinted that the pair sneaked off for a bit of nookie in a toilet after he was crowned champion.

Reid was booed when he entered the house 27 days ago, but he was cheered to the rafters last night, although there were a few jeers when he mentioned his beloved.

Host Davina McCall asked him: “Who is Alex Reid?”

Alex, who is soon to take part in a live fight on reality TV, replied: “He’s a man, he’s passionate, he’s going to win a fight in three months. I’m a fighter and I’m a man in love. I am not sorry – I love Katie Price.”

As some of his fans booed, Alex yelled: “Come on, guys!” and Davina revealed: “She’s here and she loves you.”

Alex grinned at this news and replied: “I’m sorry guys. I’m not sorry, I love Katie Price. I really love her.”

Alex’s 65.9 per cent of the public vote beat Jordan’s ex Dane Bowers into second place, with Vinnie Jones coming in third place last night.

Jordan was in the audience at the Big Brother’s Big Mouth follow-up show at the Elstree studios in Herts and was reportedly eager to tell her mates that she couldn’t wait to get the apple of the TV viewing population’s eye back into bed.

When quizzed by Davina about rumours she was ready to dump him, Jordan said: “That’s absolute rubbish. We have just spent the last 20 minutes in the other room.”

When asked what they were doing, she cheekily replied: “Catching up.”