Celebrity Big Brother Live Final: The End Is Nigh

January 29, 2010 by  
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4FINAL300CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER LIVE FINAL: Friday 29th January, Channel 4, 8.30pm ALERT ME

We’ve finished our handmade signs, topped up our credit and soon we will be booing a bunch of celebrities until our throats are sore.

There really is nothing like Celebrity Big Brother finals night.

Well that’s what Channel 4 would have us believe, but as the show limps off into the sunset what we nameless plebs must ask is; was this the best Celebrity Big Brother ever? Will Alex Reid be moving on to better things? And most importantly, is Davina McCall the loudest person on television?

We think the answer to all of those questions is probably yes.

Channel 4 definitely made good on their promise to get some actual celebrities in the house this year and resisted the urge to fill the compound with boring WAGS, foolish ex-Big Brother winners and Shilpa Shetty.

And this year’s contest has clearly benefited. Not only has it been an interesting contest, but we have seen some engaging sub-plots; Dane vs Alex, Sov vs everyone, Stephen vs the infidels, and of course enthralling tussle between Nicola T and rational thought.

However what might make the final Celebrity Big Brother most memorable is the way that cage-fighter Alex Reid has stormed from the back of the pack in a Seabiscuit-like charge to head the field as we enter the final furlong.

According to some publicity monkey at Ladbrokes, Jordan’s bloke is now favourite to snatch the much-coveted CBB crown from the bonce of quick-talking football hardman and early people’s champion Vinnie Jones.

If he does manage to close out victory, what are the chances of Katie Price dumping him live on television? We just can’t look…