The Thick Of It Postpones Election

January 28, 2010 by  
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malcolm_tuckerIncendiary satirical comedy The Thick Of It is postponing its election special because of the General Election.

There were plans to screen a poll-night special, but it’s been shelved because they feel they might get the result wrong, instead opting to wait till the result of the election expected on May 6 before scripting the third series.

James Smith who plays Glenn Cullen in the series told The Sun,

“Armando wanted top do an election special but we thought that it would look foolish if we got the wrong party

“We thought we could do different ending and end it on that night but that wouldn’t work logistically.

“Then we thought, what’s the point of doing that and missing the point that the show is so politically astute??

On Tuesday, The Thick Of It beat out competition from The Inbetweeners for best comedy at The South Bank Show awards which will be broadcast on Sunday.

The third series will now be written later in the year. We can’t wait.