The Girl With Eight Limbs Grows Up Review

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38legs300THE GIRL WITH EIGHT LIMBS GROWS UP: Thursday 28th January, Channel 4, 10pm ALERT ME

As circus attendance figures continue to fall, one set of people seem set to suffer more than most. For a while the freaks looked set to lose out on regular income, until out of nowhere, some genius decided it was time to bring the freak show to the television…

Over the last few years we have seen several programmes that promised to fulfill our fascination with the grotesque, and so titles like “the half-man half-tree,” or “the woman with two faces” graced our screens.

There was however one story which seemed to transcend the genre and make it into the public consciousness for all the right reasons – the story of the eight limbed girl.

Tonight Channel 4 follow up their Bodyshock special by showing how Lakshmi Tatma is getting on a year after she underwent lifesaving surgery which removed her half formed conjoined twin. The update could not be more startling.

Whilst the operation was highly successful, this hour long special shows that not all is as well as it could be. Lakshmi herself has undergone a miraculous transformation but serious issues with her health persist and this brings more than a tinge of sadness to the show.

Added to this we see how the spiritual outlook of Lakshmi’s village is somewhat against her, as she was viewed by many as the incarnation of a Hindu God.

The Girl With Eight Limbs Grows Up won’t appeal to most, the programme moves away from being shocking and instead focuses on the many forthcoming trials that Tatma’s must face, giving the show an ominous feel that not too many will be comfortable with.

Yet there are saving graces. For all the medical problems Lakshmi will face it seems there are plenty of doctors willing to care for her and make sure these problems are overcome. And the spiritual issues of the village towards the family are eventually reconciled.

OTB hopes that both the medical and the spiritual world can work together for a happy ending.