Skins Review: Best Days Of Your Life

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tv-stars-4halfskins300x210SKINS: Thursday 28th January, E4, 10pm ALERT ME

Skins is finally back folks – those of you who have been watching 90210 just for a teen fix will be relieved.

Triumphantly returning for it’s fourth season, the cast plan on being as intoxicated and hormonal as they were last year. Thank God.

This year kicks off with a Thomas-centric episode that finds him still dealing with Panda’s (Pandora) infidelity with Cook. But after a tragic accident at one of Thomas’ club nights, he’s left feeling guilty and the rest of the group are shaken.

When Thomas takes Panda back to his house after the accident, his strict and religious mum is less than impressed. The situation isn’t helped by Panda putting not only her foot in her mouth but her sex life on the table. His mother laments, ‘Where to find a virgin in this country?’

After a chat with his pastor, Thomas starts looking at things differently and sees that he can’t quite understand British teen culture like he thought he did. He also starts looking differently at the pastor’s daughter, Andrea, whom he feels more culturally connected to than Panda.

Thomas goes through a lot in this first episode and hopefully it’ll continue throughout the series. He’s dealing with his family responsibilities, his lack of faith and a culture clash that he didn’t expect. The rest of the group aren’t much involved with the storyline but that’s when Skins works best – by giving a character a handful of lines that will build up to something in next week’s episode.

Based on this theory, next week Naomi and girlfriend Emily could be facing a big problem together as well as Cook and Freddie as they still try to deal with their conflict over Effy. And with a new no-nonsense college director played by In The Loop’s Chris Addison, will the group be getting away with as much this year?

Series four is visually the same as those that came before it, fast and cool but never too slick or pretentious with fun dialogue and believable teen performances, and of course the soundtrack definitely passes the test.

It’s not an action packed opener and it might not resolve some lingering problems immediately but it’s a promising start to what I’d put money on being another great season.