Secret Life Of A Call Girl Review: Hitting The Spot

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tv-stars-4halfsecretdiary300x210SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRL: 28th January, ITV2, 10pm & 10.30pm ALERT ME

Despite moaning in the press about how uncomfortable and embarassing her sex scenes were, Billie Piper looks a little too comfortable in the role of high class hooker, Belle de Jour.

Diary returns for it’s third season, kicking off with a double bill, and it looks like things are just getting better and better for Belle.

After penning her anonymous memoirs, Belle finds that amongst her many talents she’s also a gifted author. High paying clients are still rolling in with some of them even being just the right amount of gorgeous.

But can she handle juggling her clients with her new career as an author?

Things become a bit more complicated when Belle’s sister Jackie shows up, recently separated from a cheating husband. As fans of the show will remember, Belle’s real name is Hannah and she has a completely separate life from her prostitute alter ego, but having her sister on the scene is going to make it tricky to keep it that way.

The pair are chalk and cheese but Jackie starts to loosen up under Belle’s influence and end’s up getting her feet licked at a fetish club. ‘Well if you wear opened toed shoes, you’re gonna get licked,’ Belle muses as her sister squirms in the latex world of whipping and pvc.

The show hasn’t backed down from it’s promise of high class whoring; as soon as I saw boobs in the first two seconds I knew we were in for a good time. Billie Piper’s Belle is everything her clients want her to be: beautiful, glamorous, witty, intelligent and eager to please. Piper excels at the seduction portion of her interactions and drifts easily in and out of fantasies and by breaking the fourth wall, she draws the viewer in so much that you might feel the need to pay Belle for her time.

There’s some riotous sex related humour; not a show to watch with you mum in the same house, let alone the same room. It’s also not a programme for the shy but it never veers into pornography; it strikes just the right balance of nudity and layers it with humour and a knowing smile.

The show’s only problem is it’s too damn short. Typical.