T4’s Steve Jones To Host New Gameshow

January 27, 2010 by  
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stevejones210x300Welsh TV totty Steve Jones is said to be hosting a new gameshow that will see losing contestants thrown into ice cold water or mud pits, The Sun reports today.

Yes it’s always funny to see people falling into water, years of You’ve Been Framed has taught us that much, but we’re not so sure about this concept.

The show is set to be called 101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow and will see eight contestants answering general knowledge questions. With each right answer they move up a floor in what The Sun describes as ‘a high-tech studio that can move up and down inside the huge tower – which has one side open to the elements.’

But losing a round means they will be thrown out of the tower via catapult, rocket, cannon or bunjee cord into icy waters or mud.

A bit like Total Wipeout, the contestants are fighting it out for a £10,000 prize and will actually be filmed around the corner to Wipeout in Argentina. To be fair, if it was filmed in England and you were thrown into freezing cold water then you’d probably die of hypothermia; at least you can just dry off in the Sun over there.

Made by Endemol, the company that spawned Big Brother, the show will start out with eight episodes shown on BBC1 hosted by T4 transfer, Steve Jones. Jones will also be a familiar face on the Beeb when he presents Let’s Dance as a part of Sport Relief. Looks like someone’s making connections over at BBC1 and we’ve got the feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Steve Jones.