Desperate Housewives Review: Domestic Bliss

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4HOUSEWIVES300DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Wednesday 27th January, Channel 4, 10pm ALERT ME

Ladies grab a bottle of wine, let out a cry of excitement and try not to get too exasperated or high-pitched as you attempt to explain the significance of who marries who to your poor unsuspecting boyfriend.

Desperate Housewives is back, along with it’s winning formula of rich, beautiful families harbouring dark and sordid secrets, and boy are there questions that need answering!

The previous season left us with Mike Delfino standing at the altar next to an unidentified bride – was it his former wife Susan or most recent flame Catherine?

All is revealed in this first episode, which covers an eight week run-up to the Wisteria Lane wedding. Needless to say, with one woman getting hitched and the other one having been ditched, the wedding becomes a melange of chaos and couture.

Amidst the furore surrounding the big day, the rest of the suburban stunners are embroiled in their own complicated affairs.

Bree (Wisteria Lane’s answer to Martha Stewart) is still desperately trying to divorce her kleptomaniac husband Orson, but has become somewhat distracted by her divorce lawyer Karl (Susan’s ex-husband).

Gaby is still trying to deal with Carlos’ delinquent niece, and Lynette is pregnant with twins, despite already having four children. “We’re never gonna be done with children if we birth two every time one of them leaves home!”, she cries, seeming more depressed about her pregnancy than she was about her cancer.

And as if that wasn’t enough to keep up with, the Bolens move to Wisteria Lane. As with all residents of the neatly mown, idyllic street they appear to be more than meets the eye.

Though it seems similar to every series before it, the return of Desperate Housewives is like putting on your old, comfy jumper – familiar, slightly old and yet greatly loved.

stephany says:

Yaaaaaaay !! Couldn’t agree more, can’t wait for the new series to start. So much drama to be resolved … loves it x

joanna says:

YES YES YES! I can barely wait to discover who he marries, although my bet goes to Susan because of the end of last series.