Christine Bleakley Wants A Chatshow

January 27, 2010 by  
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christine-bleakleyChristine Bleakley apparently wants more out of life than The One Show‘s comfy sofa.

According to The Daily Star, she believes that it is time to spread her wings a bit following the tabloid coverage of her relationship with Frank Lampard.

A BBC source said, “Christine wants to cash in on the limelight. She hopes to pick up where Davina [McCall] left off with that chatshow which flopped a few years ago.”

If she’s looking to take over from Davina, she’s going to have to learn to shout a bit louder, I’m surprised everyone in McCall’s vicinity isn’t clutching their eardrums in agony.

Bleakley has been rumoured to have been made all kinds of offers since she appeared on Strictly Come Dancing in 2007 including one from music industry arch-villain Simon Cowell.