Being Human’s Aidan Turner Talks Sex Scenes

January 26, 2010 by  
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aidanturner210x300Just when we thought the appeal of vampires had worn off, Being Human came back for a second season. And it looks like resident blood sucker, Mitchell, played by Aidan Turner, has some tasty scenes coming up.

Talking to Gay Times, Aidan has revealed that he has an unusual sex scene in the near future.

“I had a scene last week where I’m completely covered in blood and naked. There’s got to be one scene, it’s in our contracts…

Yes please. After True Blood proved that vampire sex is super hot we’re hoping that Being Human will pick up the pace and show that Brit vamps have got it going on as well.


Aidan has also spoken about Mitchell’s character arc this season, telling The Guardian’s Daniel Martin, “All the characters this year have a massive journey. Mitchell’s is pretty extensive; he goes all over the place. He is left in this weird hiatus where the leader of the vampires has been killed because of these guys and so now he has to make amends for that.

It could go anywhere. It leaves the characters in that moment where no one knows what’s going to happen so it could lead to anything.”